Thursday, January 31, 2008

Security-Related Busines Challenges

Face up to Today's most pressing Security-Related Business Challenges

Compliance is a particularly urgent concern today, especially because non-compliance exposures and penalties can threaten the reputation and financial health of our businesses. Addressing regulatory mandates drives an enterprise to protect its private data, establish and consistently enforce internal controls, and effectively demonstrate to auditors that these requirements are met.

Audit requests related to compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) can be just as time-consuming to address and are vital to the health of the business. These compliance efforts may include services delivered to both internal and external customers.

Because of the high stakes involved, we need ways to address audit and compliance initiatives efficiently and effectively. Proactive compliance management involving control automation and enforcement can actually lead to business benefits beyound the compliance process, such as productivity and improved security. It is vital to have a way to view the effectiveness of overall compliance efforts and receive alerts about potential violations that can affect our businesses priorities.

Reporting tools and streamlined audit responses are not enough; thorough reports are no good if we do not have the proper controls and monitoring data to report on. Underneath must be a security platform that helps our businesses define effective security policy and consistently enforce it - accross the enterprise.

The good news is that an effective, integrated security platform helps us with more than compliance. It helps overcome barriers that keeps our employees from accessing the applications, services and data that make them most productive. And it can bridge the silos and the inflexible structures that might keep us from developing new services quickly and partnering with other businesses to take full advantage of market opportunities.

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