Monday, January 14, 2008


Best Information Gathering Tool...

Maltego is a new breakthrough in information gathering tools. The classical method of information gathering , such as : domain-whois , search-engine , archive , etc are now available on automatic mode on Maltego!Maltego is a program with its purpose to determine the relationship and real world links between : People , groups of People , Companies , Organisations , Web sites , Domains , DNS names , NetBlock ,IP addresses , phrases , affiliations , documents and files.

Maltego uses the method of relation-chainings between some objects (IP, DNS, website,email ,etc). What Maltego actually does is to describe the relation between those objects. For example , you want to search for everything that related to , hence will be the 1st object to be searched for. Then Maltego will search for any other object that related to the object , eg : ’s IP address ,’s IP NetBlock ,’s mx records , persons that related to We could also dig more about what social networks that the person joins , and so on..

To try their web interface , you can go here. And to download the application you can simply click here.

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