Thursday, January 10, 2008

Calling All Web Hacks Of 2007

Jeremiah Grossman is trying to gather all the neat researches behind web hacks of 2007.

"The hardest part is collecting a rather complete list of references to vote on, they’re all over the place, so that’s the reason for this post. Below is what I’ve gathered so far, and if you know of others, please comment them in with the title and link and I’ll add them. In the next few days the list will be compiled and I’ll create an open survey."

Read the entire post here

I think its a great idea. It will not only help build a repository of all cool hacks of 2007 but also give people a chance to showcase their work. Letting the industry select the top 10 is an impartial way to choose the best. For those who cannot get into top 10, will still get a lot of visibility, appreciation and who knows that might motivate them for the next year.

If you know of something which is not already in the list, please feel free to add it.It would be really interesting to see who the winners are.

Good Luck to all the participants.

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