Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ubuntu Based Linux Security Distro..

Another Linux Security - penetration testing Distro has just been released by tech4master , it’s called Protech! Since Protech is an Ubuntu based Linux Security Distro, it is known to have the most compatible hardware detection system. The review I read on fusion’s blog said something like this:

"My personal favourite is the Ubuntu based Protech ONE distro. I suggest it over other live security distros because of the Ubuntu cores’ hardware compatibility. Most other distros have several problems when it comes to newer computers, especially laptops. I have booted this cd on several of my computers and never had a single problem so far. The other reason I suggest it is the simplicity of aptitude for installing packages. Although most Ubuntu package repositories are noted for having out of date versions of software, they are tested and working. For a Linux newbie, compiling programs, resolving dependencies, and proper configuration can be the biggest turn off."

Softwares that included in this distro are:

Window Manager: Fluxbox

Browsers: Opera® (with tor and privoxy) and w3m (console browser)

File manager: Thunar

Search software: Catfish

Text editors: Mousepad; Vim; Nano

Multimedia: Audacious; Player; Gnome baker

Network: XAMPP; Hamachi; Ndiswrapper (GUI); AutoScan; Hybrid-Share; Wicd (Network Manager); Network Tools; Gftp; Pidgin; telnet; Remote Desktop; Samba (pyNeighbourhood); OpenVNC; VNCviewer

Programming: Python2.5; Emacs22 (gtk2); Anjuta

Tools: ParolaPass; Calculator; GPSdrive; XPDF; Xarchiver

System: Printer / Scanner manager; Htop; Iftop; Start-up Manager (SUM); Ntfs-Config; Gparted; Synaptic; Screenlocker (alock); Fluxbox Menu Editor

Security ToolsAcquiring Tools: DCFLDD; DD; DD_Rescue

Cisco: Yersinia: Asleap; Cisco Exploiter

Database: Blind SQL Injection; Hackerstorm; HTTP SQL Bruteforce; Metacoretex; SQL Inject

Enumeration: DNS: Dig; DNS Enum; DNSWalk; HostGoogle: Finger Google; Google Mail Enum; Google Search; GooScanMisc: p0fSamba: NBTScan; Samba

EnumSMTP: Relay Scanner; SMTP VrfySNMP: SNMP Enum: SNMPget; SNMPset; SNMPwalkWWW: ISR Forms; List URLs; Paros Proxy

Exploits: Exploit Tree; Metasploit Framework 3; Milw0rm

Forensics: Analisys: AutopsyFile Carving: Foremost

Fuzzers: Bed; Clfuzz; Pirana

Honeypot: Labrea; Honeyd; Tinyhoneypot

Oracle: Metacoretex; OAT

Password Attacks: Offline: Rainbow Crack; Hash Collision; John; Ophcrack;

Samdump2Online: Hydra; Medusa; THC PPTP

Rootkit: rkhunter; chkrootkit

Sandbox: Plash

Scanners: Port Scanners: Amap; Nmap; OnesistyoneVPN Scanners: IKE Scan; PSK CrackVulnerability Scanners: Nikto (Nessus is not allowed, requires manual install)

Sniffers: Ettercap; Driftnet; Dsniff; Filesnarf; SSHMITM; Msgsnarf; Mailsnarf; SShow; URLsnarf; Wireshark

Spoofing: Ettercap; Yersinia; ARSpoof; DNSSpoof; Etherwake; Fragrouter; Fragroute; Icmpush

System Hardening: Bastille

Tunelling: Cryptcat; OpenVPN

Wireless Analysis: Kismet / GkismetAP Fakers: FakeAP; HotspotterCracking: Aircrack; Cowpatty; Aircrack-ptw; Airsnort.

Packet Forge: Aireplay

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