Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Spot a Fake LinkedIn Profile

Scams on Linkedin Exposed. How gullible job-seekers are beguiled!

LinkedIn is no stranger to fraud, having recently survived a heavily scrutinized password breach.

Unfortunately, it's largely up to you to protect yourself from falling into the snare of a scam artist posing as a legitimate professional connection. Understand that once you are linked with a fraudsters there is no telling what type of scams they will try to pull on you.

They may also victimize your other connections if you allow your linked connections to see one another (you can change your settings to prevent this). Because some LinkedIn users are in the practice of accepting all invitations, it's incredibly important to look out for scammers.

John Thomas of Bloglerati has put together an excellent collection of fake profiles on his Facebook page, along with the following red flags for spotting fake LinkedIn profiles:

  • Lower case first and last name
  • Stock photo for profile picture
  • Minimal info in profile
  • Belongs to a large number of groups
  • Generic company name
  • Rhythmic names, like Sam Smith or Joe Johnson

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