Monday, August 6, 2012

Yahoo password breach shows we're all really lazy

Hackers at It Again

By entering database commands into online forms, attackers tricked Yahoo's back-end servers into releasing more than 450,000 user credentials. These hackers took it one step farther and published the credentials online.

Wonder if yours was among the credentials circulated? You can find out here.

If you find your email and password in this database, change your password immediately... and not only on Yahoo, but anywhere else you have used that password.

Social engineers are notorious for uncovering a victim's entire web profile, which could include potentially costly exposure (e.g. your online banking). Even if you don't see your password listed, it's a good security practice to regularly change your passwords in case someone has uncovered it some other way.

Also, never use the same password on social media sites as other types of sites, such as your employer's systems, online retail stores, banking, and so on.

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