Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Download: Qualification Requirements for Smart Grid Roles

Exact requirements for those interested in pursuing Smart Grid roles

Smart Grid Careers recently conducted a research in conjunction with Zpryme's Smart Grid Insights, a secondary report was released today outlining the experience, skills and academic requirements for candidates seeking to secure a position in the coveted Smart Grid industry.

Based on feedback from 184 executives responsible for recruiting candidates to fill Smart Grid roles, this new report features the following key data points for both new and experienced job seekers:

  • Required and preferred degrees and certifications
  • Needed skill sets
  • Length and type of work experience require

Access the detailed findings of this new release by downloading a FREE copy of the detailed report here (registration maybe required).

This research underscores the exacting requirements for those interested in pursuing Smart Grid roles. Potential candidates can leverage this data to guide their academic and initial career choices to ensure it leads to a path in the Smart Grid.

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