Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The KNOS Project: Secure Internet for Network & Cloud Clients

KNOS is a solution for the protection of internet-connected

KNOS provides a unique operating system and comprehensive application environment which CANNOT be infected or exploited and protects privacy as well as security. KNOS is a fully locked-down client system based upon BSD, the foundation of Macintosh OSX, secure military systems and secure servers in use by major entities.

KNOS provides a "secure lockdown" because nothing can ever be written to its read-only memory filesystem. KNOS leaves the existing computer hard disk completely untouched and fully protected because the existing hard disk is no longer connected to the network. KNOS is perfect for use on unsecured networks, by untrusted users including children or on public computers or networks. It provides military quality "high side" trust because it cannot be infected. Ever. With KNOS there is no need for internet "security" software which has failed to protect valuable machines and their content against the ever-increasing security risks on the internet.

KNOS also provides significant cost savings by eliminating the costs associated with cleanup and maintenance of infected machines in addition to significantly reduced software licensing costs. KNOS is the perfect answer for strained IT budgets and staffing levels and with its full complement of applications, client computers can be run solely on KNOS at even greater savings.

KNOS is intended for distribution by ISP's, IT Departments for their own users, and other situations where a mass distribution of our disks with specific application sets and portals is desired. KNOS is an excellent front end for "cloud" computing, remote access to institutional sites, portable computers in secure environments, as well as individuals who wish to protect their security and privacy in a world of ever increasing "zero day attacks" from "trusted sources."

Refer here for more details and here for demo about KNOS. You can get KNOS from here.

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