Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Webcast: Cloud Security and Smart Security

Security in the cloud – where are we now?

Cloud security is now a very different proposition compared to a year ago with expanding access points, more personal devices, and increasingly sophisticated threats.

In light of this, I thought you might be interested in SC’s upcoming webcast which will give you a valuable, real-world update on where we are today.

The full session and sign up can be found at

I have pasted a few more details below though for your reference.


Going live on 14th July 10:00 am ET / New York, 3pm / London @

The webcast will give you tools to:
  • Facilitate strong end user and multifactor authentication in public and private clouds to secure identity and protect your business
  • Keep up to date with current cloud technology and gain architectural perspectives to manage user activity and log ins
  • Gain visibility across the multiple layers of cloud security and assure data protection and ownership in storage and encryption
  • Integrate outsourced IT services with in-house programmes to maximize staff productivity and reduce costs
You may also be interested in another 2 of SC’s recent projects which have proved very popular with group members:
  1. SC WEBCAST: Smart Security for SMEs: Key Cyber-Threats And How To Tackle Them – Going live on July 12 at 10:00 am ET / New York, 3pm / London at
  2. SC STUDIO SHOW: The Risks and Rewards of Archiving – hard-hitting video available now at
If you can’t make the live date of the webcasts, you can of course watch them on-demand in the archive at your leisure at .

As always, feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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