Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kaspersky KryptoStorage

Personal Digital Vault

Kaspersky KryptoStorage securely protects your personal files against unauthorized access and data theft using cutting-edge transparent encryption technology and allows deleted files to be permanently erased from your computer.

Kaspersky KryptoStorage ensures that your encrypted data stays confidential in the event of malware attacks, unsecure WiFi connections and even if your laptop or storage device is lost or stolen. The encrypted data is only accessible via a strong password that is highly resistant to brute force attacks.

Product Highlights
  • Encrypts folders and disk partitions to prevent data theft
  • New files can be added to encrypted folders or containers at any time
  • Containers can be transferred to other storage media and computers
  • Encrypts data "on the fly" with full access to the encrypted information
  • Limits access to data to prevent unauthorized modification or removal
  • Uses AES-128 algorithm for strong encryption
  • Allows data to be permanently deleted
  • Fully Compatible with Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7
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