Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Google E-mail Hacked by China?

China denies any role in an alleged hack

Google on June 1 alleged that Chinese hackers attacked the Gmail accounts of several hundred U.S. officials, including military personnel, in an effort to obtain passwords and monitor the accounts.

Google says it detected and stopped the phishing campaign, which aimed to take users' passwords and monitor their e-mail activity. The White House's National Security Council is looking into Google's allegations and says it's working with the FBI to investigate the situation.

Google, meanwhile, offers these tips to its customers:
  • Enable two-step user verification.
  • Use a strong password for Google that you do not use on any other site.
  • Enter your password only into a proper sign-in prompt on a https://www.google.com domain.
  • Check your Gmail settings for suspicious forwarding addresses or delegated accounts.
  • Watch for the red warnings about suspicious account activity that may appear on top of your Gmail inbox.
  • Review the security features offered by the Chrome browser.
Please refer here for further details.

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