Sunday, June 5, 2011

Security concern as cyber threat grows

Australian Government will soon release a white paper focusing on Cyber Security!

The Gillard government has become so concerned about attacks on the computer systems of industry and the public sector it will produce a white paper focusing largely on cyber security.

In a speech in Adelaide today, Attorney-General Robert McClelland will warn that foreign intelligence agencies, criminal gangs and commercial competitors are targeting intellectual property in Australia worth $30 billion.

Mr McClelland will say malicious activity is increasing to a point where computer systems in both the government and the private sector are under continuous threat.

"Cyber espionage is not just the purview of foreign intelligence agencies, but something undertaken by criminal organisations and commercial competitors alike," Mr McClelland says.

And Defence Minister Stephen Smith says attacks on Australia's computer systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted.

Development of the paper will be led by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and extensive public consultations will begin next month with the release of a discussion paper.

It is expected the white paper will be ready in the first half of next year.

Mr McClelland says the cyber threat to Australia is real, evolving and continuing to test the nation's defences. "It comes from a wide range of sources, and from adversaries possessing a broad range of skills."

The cyber white paper will help Australians to connect to the internet with confidence. The document will provide a comprehensive review of how governments, businesses and individuals can work together to realise the full benefits of cyberspace while ensuring risks can be managed.

"The digital world is evolving rapidly. It's transforming the way governments and businesses operate and the way Australians connect to each other and the world," Mr McClelland says.

Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy says the white paper recognises the increasingly significant role the online environment plays in the lives of Australians.

"With increased availability and use of technology, it's important that all Australians are able to go online safely and securely," he says.

Source: AustralianIT

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