Monday, January 31, 2011

Security White Papers

Information Security Resources

Here are some new security white papers I'd like to share with you - I hope you'll enjoy them.

7 Shortcuts to Losing Your Data (and Probably Your Job)

This tongue in cheek white paper explores data loss from a contrarian point of view - exploring the top 7 shortcuts you can take to ensure that you lose your data.

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Top Eight Identity & Access Management Challenges with SaaS Applications

This white paper presents the eight biggest identity and access management (IAM) challenges associated with adopting and deploying cloud and SaaS applications, and discusses best practices for addressing each of them.

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The Silent Danger of Clever Malware

This paper discusses the history and progression of the modern Trojan attack. It explores the methodology used by hackers in selecting a target and developing a compelling attack and cites several examples of some successful targeted Trojans.

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Vulnerability Management - Assess, Prioritize, Remediate, Repeat

This report provides insights into Best-in-Class practices for assessing vulnerabilities and threats to IT infrastructure, prioritizing fixes based on the business value of resources and acceptable levels of risk, and remediating through the efficient deployment of patches, configuration changes, and other compensating controls.

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