Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking

Learn how to hack and defend attacks

A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking is a great resource for people interested in ethical (White Hat) hacking. It is targeted at "beginners”, but some "intermediate” users may find value in this book as well.

This book defines the ethical boundaries of hackers – what the cognoscenti considers too far. It also gives the explanation on realm of programming and how code-writing can be leveraged to achieve the readers’ goals.

The author has given detailed illustration and explanation on hacking and cracking of passwords, Microsoft Windows OS, Wi-Fi, web applications, malware and viruses.

This book will helps you to learn the both hacking and defensive side of information security.By providing a good balance of both offense and defense, the reader is presented with the tools needed to make accurate and educated decisions regarding not only ethical hacking, but also how to properly secure themselves when doing business online.

Cost: $20


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