Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wireless Auditor Assistant - Pen Testing Utility

Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor Assistant

OSWA-Assistant™ is a self-contained, freely downloadable, wireless-auditing toolkit for both IT-security professionals and End-users alike. This toolkit is our contribution to the wireless security/auditing community and, as the "Assistant" moniker implies, and is designed for the following groups of people:

IT-security auditors and professionals who need to execute technical wireless security testing against wireless infrastructure and clients;

IT professionals who have responsibility for ensuring the secure operation and administration of their organization's wireless networks;

SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) and SOHO (SmallOffice-HomeOffice) businesses who do not have either the technical expertise or the resources to employ such expertise to audit their wireless networks;

Non-technical-users who run wireless networks at home and who would like to audit the security of their wireless home networks and laptops but don't know how.

Please refer here for further details and click here to download.

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