Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hackers have hijacked your baby

"Sick" hackers claim to have kidnapped babies

A despicable new spam attack is fooling people into installing a Trojan Horse by claiming to have "hijacked" their baby.

The email arrives with the subject line "We have hijacked your baby" and demands a $50,000 ransom for the return of the child.

It then claims to have a photo of the baby attached to the email. The file, entitled, is in fact the Troj/Resex-Fam Trojan, which drops malware on to the affected PC. Aside from the odd terminology of "hijacking" a baby, the email provides other telltale signs that it might not be genuine, with the message reading: "We have attached photo of your fume"

Security firm Sophos, which discovered the attack, has condemned the perpetrators. "There's no other way of putting it - this attack is sick," says senior technology consultant, Graham Cluely.

"Hackers have no qualms about exploiting a family's natural instinct to defend its most vulnerable members. Hopefully people will pause before opening the attachment, but the reflex action of some may be to click first and think later.

Like always my advice will be same, Don't open the attachments unless you know the sender and use little bit of your common sense. :)

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