Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Users trust all messages in their inbox on social networking sites

Facebook Reports Malware Attack

Facebook is warning about a couple of scams directed at its users over the last few days.

One nasty bit of malicious software attempts to lure users in with messages ranging from "You've been catched on hidden cam" to "Paris Hilton Tosses Dwarf On The Street." The messages contain a link that can take unsuspecting users to a Web page that looks like it's on YouTube. The page tells visitors that, to view the page's video, they need to click on another link to download and install updated software. Those who fall for the scam are actually installing malicious software on their systems.

The worm, called "Koobface," turns compromised computers into "zombie" machines that can be used in other types of online attack. The malicious software may also include "keylogger" software which can records a computer user's keystrokes - and potentially grab passwords when they are entered on a computer. The scam is also circulating on MySpace.

Refer here to read full details.

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