Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't forget to logout from Skype

Neglecting to logout from Skype means sharing your Instant Messages

I was researching and found out:

Six months ago, I briefly used Skype on a friend's laptop. Yesterday, that very friend -- who is not very computer-savvy -- told another friend of mine that she had found a way to read other people's Skype messages. The other friend looked into the matter -- turns out that I had remained logged in on her laptop for the past six months and that she had read every single of my instant messages during that time. Obviously, I had not noticed that the"Automatically log this user on" box was ticked when I logged on and had forgotten to log out.

The RISKS are obvious. So are possible fixes: The "Automatically log this user on every time Skype starts" box should never be active by default and a confirmation should be requested. Also, Skype should make users aware if they are simultaneously logged into the same account from different machines. The only way out at the moment is to change the Skype password frequently as this will terminate all sessions you may have forgotten to log out from yourself.

According to several messages on the Skype Community forum, Skype considers the ability to remain logged in to the same account on several machines a"feature" and sees no need to fix anything.

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