Monday, May 19, 2008

Spammers trying all possible ways

Spam filters are good but not that good to beat spammers

Here is the spam i received today:

From: "Mark Anthony"
To: "Bronwyn"
Subject: Heyyyyyyy Bronwyn

Hey Bronwyn !

This is Mark , how r been? I havn't hear from you in a very long time! Mary
asked why didn't you come to our wedding? I was looking forward
to see you there then I tried to call you several times but it seem you
changed the number right ? is everything still okay with you ?
Here's some of the wedding pictures :


Check it out and leave some comment for me . Miss u and hope to hear from
you soon.

Mark and Mary

Let analyse this:

1) This email came from gmail, which is hard for me to block or filter any messages from gmail. I receive legitimate emails from this domain.

2) My name is not Browyn for sure and i know few Mark so i cannot filter any messages which came from Mark or claim to be "Mark"

3) This email has a link which is asking me to download something in zip format. We all use .zip files everyday so it will not be clever of me to block any emails which has anything to do with .zip

Okay, forget for a little while that i know little about computers. I will just consider myself as a normal computer user. Now i have received this email i will have following reactions:

1) Oh i have excellent spam protection. This email is from gmail. I know gmail has very good security. It must be one of my friend.

2) My name is not Browyne but maybe Mark was forwarding email to Browyn and he forwarded to me? Maybe :S

3) I know alot of Mark. It's so nice of him to send me his wedding pictures let me download and view them.

I think majority of the people way think in a similar way i thought second time.


We all know they are very smart people out there. They are working 24 / 7 days to beat spam filters. They will try all the possible ways to get through spam filters and reach your inbox. My suggestion would be if you don't know the person or doesn't recall his name - DON'T CLICK ON ANY UNTRUSTED LINKS.

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DioneVS said...

Thanks for posting this. Like yourself I received an email from and thought I would check using Google before I opened up a zip file!! thanks again.