Friday, May 2, 2008

Malicious IFRAMES Attack

Millions of websites are affected!

Nowadays it is usually taken for granted that we can only get infected if we visit malicious websites or run files coming from untrustworthy sources.

This graph is an example of the infection process that takes place from the moment when a user accesses a legitimate website that has been modified until the possible infection is effective.

Just incase, you want to know - "What is Iframe?"

An IFRAME is an HTML element whose content is determined by another file (usually an html file, but any valid web page URL). The content of that URL is displayed inside an inline frame, which is basically a rectangle.

An iframe element displays content, including forms, images, multimedia, other frames, tables, etc. It is very important to understand that the only way to assign content to an iframe is to assign a URL using the src attribute. Whatever content is displayable at the referenced URL will in turn be displayed inside the iframe.

If you like good description and understanding about an IFRAME please refer
here. Dancho Danchev has done an excellent research about an IFRAME attack please refer to his post "Embedding Malicious IFRAMEs".

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