Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Microsoft Vista - Secure OS Not Failure

Vista's 11 Pillars of Failure - Interesting, Let's have a look!

According to PCmag's John C. Dvorak Microsoft Vista has 11 Pillars of Failure. I am quoting Vista's 11 Pillars of Failure headings from the article and putting my comments. The full article can be read from here.

  1. Market Confusion: I don't think there was any Market confusion at the time of Vista release. I do agree with you guys that Microsoft is not big in marketing there products but still they didn't left any stone unturned.

  2. Code Size: Oh, Come on! Yes, Vista has too big code size. But, it's secure and has less patches then other operating system.

  3. Missing Components: Microsoft is considering an update of WinFS for Vista. Don't know, what's happening in this field!

  4. Laptop-battery life drain: Now, laptop-battery will decide the fate of Operating System? That's funny!

  5. HHD fiasco: I think people are still not fully aware of this one. I suppose, HD industry has started taking initiative in this field for some time now.

  6. Bogus Vista-capable stickers: I haven't experience or heard anything like that. Have you?

  7. Missing drivers: Well, initially there were problems with the drivers. I didn't see any issues lately.

  8. Conflicting advice: I think author didn't do his research properly. Microsoft did launch dedicated Upgrade Advisor. Please refer here.

  9. XP mania: I agree, people are still in love with Microsoft XP. I will say again, Microsoft Vista focused more on security and advance features then XP.

  10. Mediocre rollout: I slightly disagree with this one. Microsoft, i know little that they are not best in marketing but they did their best in providing the best roll out solution for Microsoft Vista.

  11. Performance: Yes, i agree Microsoft Vista is slow and have performance issues. But, if we use good and high speed hardware. Performance is not too bad. After all, Microsoft Vista is far more secured and better Operating System available in market today.

Conclusion: Well, I think author hasn't done proper research before publishing this article. I personally think, Microsoft Vista is the most secure OS available in market to date. According to Jeff Jones, Windows Vista One Year Vulnerability Report, it clearly shows that Vista has fewer patch release then other Operating Systems. I agree, Vista hasn't done well in market yet. In future, i think this will change as people will get more security awareness.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shoaib,
thank you for this post and (obviously) I agree with most of your conclusions :-)
A lot of people to me mix two things: I agree that XP SP2 (I did not try SP3 as I do not run XP anymore) is rock-solid, no crashes, just works.
Looking at the Vista machines in my home and mostly at work, Vista just works as well and SP1 solved some driver issues.
What concerns me much more is that XP was not designed to address today's threats. Even though it is rock-solid and does a good job protecting the user, there are threads out there today we need better defense in depth, which is one of the things Vista delivers

Shoaib Yousuf said...

Hi Roger,

I totally agree with your comments. Microsoft Vista is designed keeping Security in mind. Vista is far more secure and realiable operating system as per security perspective.

As soon more people will get security minded they will make a switch towards Microsoft Vista.