Saturday, February 15, 2014

Four "Basic" Ways To Protect Company Data

Breach at Target appears to have started with a malware-infected email!

Target Corp. and other large retailers have made the news due to data breaches, but businesses of all sizes need to make sure they have up-to-date policies and procedures to protect private data.

The breaches at Target highlight how important it is for organizations to know how secure their networks are?

Here are four measures businesses should take to ensure their data stays private.
  • One obvious way is to make sure your business' security software is up to date and working "to make sure you don't leave holes in your technology.
  • Do you have policies and procedures in place for how employees interact with the business' server and network? Such measures include making sure employees have strong passwords for their computers and other devices, keeping their machines updated with the latest anti-virus protection and providing them with general awareness on things to watch out for, such as phishing messages (scams that ask people to give out personal information or prompt a person to click on a link that will infect their computer with malware).
  • Make sure that employees have safeguards on the personal devices they use to connect to the company's network.
  • Don't forget security measures for paper records.

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Mary said...

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