Sunday, October 20, 2013

Basic Tips To Protect Mobile Device

Mobile owners should pay attention to mobile device safety!

Mobile communication has never been this cool, from the traditional SMS and call features, we can now enjoy desktop experience via smartphones and tablets. However, aside from the health risks associated with excessive use of cell phones, the advent of mobile internet has raised the risks too.

It is common that most of us protect the hardware and exterior of our phones, but do not exert enough effort to protect the OS and contents of our phone from hackers, and strangers who can get hold of our misplaced or stolen smartphones.

Allow me to share with you some tips I thought will give basic protection so private photos or videos, debit/credit card credentials, and other private information will not be at the mercy of other people.

  • Use password to open your phone, make a purchase and open a file (if available). The inconvenience it’ll bring is nothing compared to the risk involved.
  • If available, activate the “find my phone feature” of your phone.
  • If available, activate the feature that can remotely erase contents, or reset of your phone.
  • If available, activate a “kids safety feature” of your phone- this will prevent your kids from accessing apps that are not kid appropriate, or accidentally altering the configuration of your phone or erase some data.
  • If available, use an anti-virus solution for your phone
  • Take precaution when connecting to public hotspots.
  • Do not click links attached to an email, direct messages, or status updates in your timeline. Verify first w/ the sender. These links normally downloads a malware or give permission to hackers.

As a general safety reminder, do remember that the currency we use to pay for the “free” apps and games we download are the information associated w/ our account- these may include our location and contacts. Please read carefully the privacy policy and terms of service for each app.

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