Saturday, May 21, 2011

International Cyber Security Strategy from White House

Protecting Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

The Obama administration, in a White House event Monday that featured four cabinet secretaries, issued its international cybersecurity strategy with the goal to work with other nations to promote an open, interoperable, secure and reliable information and communications infrastructure that supports global trade and commerce, strengthens international security and fosters free expression and innovation.

To achieve that goal, the strategy says, cooperation among nations is needed to build and sustain an environment in which norms of responsible behavior guide states' actions, sustain partnerships and support the rule of law in cyberspace.

Clinton outlined the seven principles in the international cybersecurity framework:

Economic engagement Promoting international standards, innovation and open markets to ensure that cyberspace serves the needs of the global economies and innovators.
Protecting networks: Enhancing security, reliability and resiliency because strong cybersecurity is critical to national and economic security in the broadest sense.

Law enforcement: Extending collaboration and the rule of law to strengthen confidence in cyberspace and pursue those who would exploit online systems.

Military cooperation: Preparing for 21st century security challenges because the nation's commitment to defend its citizens, allies and interests extends to wherever they might be threatened,

Multi-stakeholder Internet governance: Fostering governance structures that effectively serve the needs of all Internet users.

International development: Building capacity, security and prosperity to promote the benefits of networked technology globally, enhance the reliability of shared networks and build a community of responsible stakeholders in cyberspace.

Internet freedom: Supporting fundamental freedoms and privacy to help secure fundamental freedoms as well as privacy in cyberspace.

The release of the international cybersecurity policy is the second major Obama administration IT security initiative in as many weeks. On Thursday, the White House introduced a cybersecurity legislative package that would codify the Department of Homeland Security as the lead agency in protecting federal civilian agencies and the national critical IT infrastructure as well as nationalize data breach notification and the toughening of penalties for cybercrimes (see
White House Unveils Cybersecurity Legislative Agenda).

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