Friday, August 14, 2009

Gmail activity log helps you detect hijacking

Gmail Activity log can alert you to unauthorized use of your account

A line at the bottom of the Gmail window indicates when your account was last used and also links to more-complete usage info. We can use this activity log to determine whether someone has guessed your password and taken over your account.

Last week I posted, "
One third of surfers admit they use the same password for all websites," that how hackers take advantage of user weak passwords and test thousands of passwords per day and take over poorly defended accounts.

I recently found out that Gmail activity log, at the bottom of the page, can alert you to unauthorized use of your account. If you're a Gmail user and are concerned as to whether your account password has been compromised, there's a link at the bottom of the screen that shows when your account was used and from where.

At the bottom is a message Last account activity: xx minutes ago at IP [or on this computer] refer to above picture. Click the Details link, and a pop-up window shows all sign-ins over the last couple of days, together with other useful info and a button to Sign out all other sessions. Refer to below picture.

I would advise all my readers, to frequently check your account activity just to ensure that you are keeping an eye on your account. If you notice any un-usual activity, I recommend you change your password immediately.

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