Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Contactless terminals for credit cards

Update on credit cards at 7-Eleven

The contactless terminals will be introduced later this year by ANZ Bank and 7-Eleven based on technology developed by Visa.

The new cards communicate with readers via radio waves and don't have to be swiped through a terminal like mag stripe cards.

The retailer's 388 stores in NSW, Queensland and Victoria will have the terminals, which will allow customers from any bank to make purchases using either a Visa or Mastercard equipped with contactless capabilities.

The rollout coincides with a multi-million-dollar SAP software upgrade aimed at strengthening 7-Eleven's data analytics capability and improving transparency to franchisees.

The retailer's lease on its payment terminals had expired and it decided to use the lease renewal to upgrade its units, ANZ innovation group general manager Peter Dalton said.

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