Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Apple iPhone Virus

The antivirus solution for Iphone and MAC

The days of Apple having invulnerable systems is long gone, with the Apple pop culture spreading worldwide and becoming ever more popular, it has in doing so, attracted the likes of hackers and exploiters too. Luckily the CEO of AVG (JR Smith) has come forward to calm the nerves of the Apple supporters whose faith in Apple’s security has been somewhat shattered over the last month due to articles like THIS one about the iPhone, and THIS one about the Mac keyboards.

JR Smith has revealed to CNET UK, that he is releasing a full AVG desktop product for OS X next year, and also that he plans on releasing a piece of real-time AV software for the iPhone before the end of 2010. But when developing for the iPhone he has one big problem to overcome, the iPhone in its current state does not allow for apps to run in the background, therefore destroying the ability to have a real-time scanner, but he says it is something they are working on, “We can’t add a layer of protection on to the iPhone today, so that’s a lot of the conversation that we’re having with Apple.”

So it seems that AVG are stepping up their game to the same level of the hackers and exploiters, making plans for the Mac community as well as the portable gaming community.

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