Monday, March 30, 2009

Koobface Virus includes a bot-like component, BeAware!

Facebook Koobface Protection and Removal

What is the koobface virus?

The koobface worm is new malware variant that has the ability to replicate itself when it gets through the computer system. It also referred to as Net-Worm.Win32.Koobface.b. Please refer here to my previous post.

The koobface virus popularly infects computers via social networking sites like facebook. The facebook virus koobface also has the ability to send automated emails using infected computer systems.

Koobface includes a bot-like component that could install other malicious apps at a later time.If the viewer approves the Flash installation, Koobface attempts to download a program called tinyproxy.exe. This loads a proxy server called Security Accounts Manager (SamSs) the next time the computer boots up. Koobface then listens to traffic on TCP port 9090 and proxies all outgoing HTTP traffic. For example, a search performed on Google, Yahoo, MSN, or may be hijacked to other, lesser-known search sites.

How to Avoid Koobface

The best way to avoid having trouble with this computer virus is to observe the koobface protection practices. When using social networking sites (myspace, friendster, facebook, hi5, etc), always be cautious of automated messages that are either too tempting or insulting (eg. you look funny in this video, etc) and avoid clicking on the link provided as this may likely contain a koobface download. This is one of the simplest but most valuable means of koobface virus protection. Please refer to my previous post on Koobface virus.

How to Detect Koobface

The McAfee website provides information on the characteristics and symptoms of this computer worm. You may want to read their report to learn more how to detect koobface.

How to get rid of the koobface virus

This "koobface removal article" provides information on how to remove koobface manually including details to delete koobface registry keys. Please note however that great caution should be observed when you attempt to delete koobface virus manually because you may put your computer at risk. I will not recommend my readers to manually remove this virus. also provides a free koobface antivirus download. If you detect koobface in your PC, you may download the koobface virus removal tool here: Download Koobface Remover or Facebook has also posted instructions on how to remove the infection.

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