Monday, March 23, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 got hacked easily?

Microsoft flooded with complaints after IE 8 release

Internet Explorer 8 was released at noon on Thursday and users have already flooded the pages of Microsoft’s feedback pages with complaints. It hasn’t done too hot with Pwn2Own and got hacked easily. Although many problems were supposed to be resolved during the beta testing phase, it still seems that there are multiple issues affecting the web browser.

Top complaints include problems printing from websites, search function malfunctions, and misplaced images. Many users have said that their search bar doesn’t work and have appeared blank. Additionally, a bug has appeared to cause an issue with dragging photos in IE onto Facebook pages. Boot up times have also been reported as slow as well as taking up an extra 4GB of hard drive storage space.

Microsoft has contended that they have fixed the most significant issues in beta based on priority by community voting. Upgrades to IE 8 include several bars that you can use to manage the sites that you navigate on the web. A favorites bar, tab bar, and address bar have all been added with the upgrade. You can manually download IE 8 from Microsoft’s download page.

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