Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best Password Auditing Tool will be coming back

Finally, LophtCrack is back

More than two years after Symantec pulled the plug on L0phtCrack, the venerable password cracking tool is being prepped for a return to the spotlight.

The original creators of L0phtCrack has reacquired the tool with plans to release a new version at next week's SOURCE Boston conference. A teaser post on the l0phtcrack.com Web site mentions "new features and platform support," which, according to Space Rogue, includes 64-bit Windows support and upgraded rainbow tables.

L0phtCrack was a popular tool used to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities that result from the use of weak or easily guessed passwords. It was also used to recover Windows and Unix account passwords to access user and administrator accounts whose passwords are lost or to streamline migration of users to newer authentication systems.

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