Friday, July 25, 2014

Havex Malware targeting SCADA/ICS

Havex Summary Report - Threats & Mitigation

A previous spot report released by Cimation's ICS Threat Intelligence team provided a threat overview of Havex, the malware family being used for targeted attacks against specific industry sectors. What many reports fail to mention is that this malware code has been altered to specifically target ICS/SCADA systems.

In this newly-released summary report, Cimation's ICS Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Research Teams expose the operational-level impact and technical indicators of compromise from this attack.

Download the Report to access:

  • A detailed Havex threat summary and overview.
  • How Havex infects and affects your systems.
  • Technical analysis and breakdown of the Havex threat.
  • Tactical mitigation strategies for prevention, detection and removal of this threat.

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