Friday, December 13, 2013

PhishMe: Popular holiday-themed phishing attacks

Most common Holiday-Themed Phishing Attacks

The holidays are a busy time for everyone… especially for hackers trying to phish your employees. Phishing is most effective when it exploits human emotions—fear, greed, anxiousness, curiosity, compassion, getting a good deal—and the holidays tend to bring these emotions out more than other times of the year. This gives adversaries a bevy of relevant topics to use to build phishing campaigns. However, which tactics should you train your employees look out for?

Below, PhishMe has pulled together a list of the most common holiday-themed phishing attacks:

Holiday e-card: Who doesn’t love to receive a nice holiday greeting? But is that link to an e-card actually from your co-worker, manager, HR department, etc. or is it something sinister? Emails that appear to be holiday e-cards are a simple and effective phishing tactic every holiday season.

Holiday party info/registration: The company holiday party is always a much anticipated event, and The Wall Street Journal estimates 9 out of 10 companies will throw some kind of holiday party this year. That means lots of organizations will send out email invitations, so spoofed invitations present another great holiday-themed opportunity for attackers crafting phishing emails.

Travel notifications: AAA estimated that 93.3 million people traveled more than 50 miles from home during the end of December last year, and that means airlines will be sending out plenty of flight change/confirmation emails. We have seen some pretty realistic phishing emails that spoof the types of emails airlines commonly send to passengers, and an email warning of major itinerary changes will certainly grab the attention of an employee eager to get home for the holidays.

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