Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Targets for Hackers - Plane Cockpit/Voice Hijacking?

Criminal hackers can generally be divided into two groups - thieves and showboats

They breach secure systems either to steal or simply to demonstrate that it can be done. A few recent hacking incidents indicate the showboat sector may be picking up steam.

Smartphone used to hack into a plane cockpit

The power and rapid evolution of technology is exposed by a security researcher armed with an Android.

"By using a Samsung Galaxy handset, Teso demonstrated how to use ACARS to redirect an aircraft's navigation systems to different map coordinates. He was able to insert code into a virtual aircraft's Flight Management System, and by passing the code between the aircraft's computer unit and the pilot's display, Teso was able to take total control of what the aircrew would see in the cockpit.

Scientist's voice hijacked during high-profile presentation

Hackers accessed the computer synthesizer controlling Stephen Hawking's voice during a public speak he was making to a large audience, overriding his control and forcing him to make statements against his will.

"It wasn't until hours later when the Syrian Electronic Army - a group of hackers working in support of Bashar al-Assad - claimed responsibility for the attack, breaking into Stephen Hawking's voicebox one last time to announce "the Syrian Electronic Army was here" just as the scientist was leaving the stage."

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