Sunday, March 17, 2013

STORM (Secure Tool for Risk Management)

Designs and keeps updated the ICT Security Policy, Disaster Recovery plans

STORM (Secure Tool for Risk Management) is a collaborative environment offering a buddle of services in order to help your business to securely manage your Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems.

STORM is based on web 2.0 technologies and its main characteristics are:

  • Compliance with Standards
  • Collaboration
  • User Friendliness
  • Reduces complexity
  • Scalability

Some of the key features are:

  • Identify and depict the ICT infrastructure
  • ICT assets (software and hardware) identification

Impact Assessment Service:
  • Recognize the impacts (business, economical, technological, legal) of upcoming incidents on the operations of the ICT

Threat Assessment Service:
  • Identify threats Evaluate threats

Vulnerability Assessment Service:
  • Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate Vulnerabilities

Risk Assessment service:
  • Collaborative support towards identifying and evaluating the impact, threat and vulnerability of each ICT asset (i.e. software, hardware, data asset).

Risk Management service:
  • Select the appropriate countermeasures according to the STORM-RM algorithm in order to protect ICT assets.

Refer here for more information or here for demo.

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