Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In-House App Stores is MUST for Enterprise?

A Do-it-Yourself Approach to Ensuring Mobile Security

As personal mobile devices become ubiquitous in corporate networks - even in organizations without official bring-your-own-device policies - IT and security personnel are implementing new approaches to prevent malware and ensure data integrity. 

One approach beginning to take root is the creation of in-house corporate app stores, where organizations offer users access to custom-built, secure applications designed specifically for that organization, along with access to approved public apps for smart phones, tablets and other personal devices.

Tackling Application Insecurity

With malware infesting the authorized commercial app stores, including the two largest - Google Play for Android and to a lesser extent, the Apple iOS App Store - corporate security and IT executives are exploring new strategies to limit the use of unauthorized applications on devices connected to corporate networks.

Because of the rapid growth in the use of personal devices for work-related tasks, IT departments generally do not permit users to install any application on corporate computers but many companies still have not yet established similar policies for personal devices. 

Companies that opt for a private app store can minimize much of that risk by requiring users to select only from applications that are certified by their employer as safe.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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