Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How To Control "Tagging" on Facebook?

Tame the "Tagging"

Being "tagged" on Facebook means another user has added content and publically associated you with that content. A friend may post a picture of you at the beach. By tagging you, that photo will show up on your profile (if your settings allow).

There is a setting in Facebook that allows users to approve any tags before they are posted to their timeline. This blog post on Business2Community does a great job of showing readers exactly how to set Facebook to alert them to requests for tags.

This isn't just a good way to easily give friends permission to tag you; it's an excellent way to keep track of the content in which you've been tagged. Who needs to have someone else associate them with things to which they have no legitimate connection?

The post goes on to explain the difference between Facebook Profiles (now known as "Timelines") and Facebook Pages. There are some unique features about Pages that make these tags post differently, so if you manage a Product, Brand or Person Facebook Page, this will be an especially good article for you. 

For more emerging tagging concerns, see: 

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