Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ENISA Identifies Top Cyberthreats

What are the emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and how should organizations globally respond to them?

ENISA, the European Union cyber-agency, is out with its first-ever Threat Landscape report.

Drive-by exploits, worms/Trojans and code-injection attacks are the three top cyberthreats to organizations, according to the new Threat Landscape report published by the European Network and Information Security Agency.

The ENISA Threat Landscape provides an overview of threats, together with current and emerging trends. One of the key objectives of this report is to give the information security community a comprehensive look at risks.

It is based on publicly available data and provides an independent view on observed threats, threat agents and threat trends. Over 140 recent reports from security industry, networks of excellence, standardisation bodies and other independent institutes have been analysed. 

Among the top 10 threats ID'd by the report:

  • Drive-by exploits (malicious code injected to exploit web browser vulnerabilities) Worms/Trojans;
  • Code injection attacks;
  • Exploit kits (pre-packaged software to automate cybercrime);
  • Botnets (hijacked computers used in attacks such as DDoS).

Among technology trends, mobile gets the most attention because that's the platform where users, data and adversaries increasingly converge.

Please refer here to download the report.

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