Monday, December 31, 2012

Protecting Your Personal Info Online

Try Spokeo to find out how much your information is available online!

If you want a good litmus test for how much of your personal information is available on the Internet, try The site even compiles personal information on children. Spooky.

Thankfully, you can easily opt out of Spokeo. This won't remove all of your information from the Internet, obviously. But it will make it less simple for someone to find your information all in one place. Hayley Kaplan put together a great step-by-step process on her "What is Privacy?" blog to make it even easier.

This is one example of a great way your company or organization can contribute to the greater privacy good. If you have tips or tricks on how to opt-out of your own or another entity's data-collection processes, publish them and make them easy for your customer or client community to find and follow.

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