Friday, December 14, 2012

NIST Glossary of Infosec Terms

Looking for a gift for your boss who doesn't quite understand information security lingo?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has one you can give, and it's free. NIST has issued a draft of Interagency Report 7298 Revision 2: NIST Glossary of Key Information Security Terms.

As we are continuously refreshing our publication suite, terms included in the glossary come from our more recent publications. The NIST publications referenced are the most recent versions of those publications. It is our intention to keep the glossary current by providing updates online.

New definitions will be added to the glossary as required, and updated versions will be posted on the Computer Security Resource Center website.

The glossary includes most of the terms found in NIST publications. It also contains nearly all of the terms and definitions from CNSSI-4009, an information assurance glossary issued by the Defense Department's Committee on National Security Systems, a forum that helps set the US federal government's information assurance policy.

NIST is seeking comments and suggestions on the revised glossary, and they should be sent by Jan. 15 to

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