Saturday, September 1, 2012

Don't post risqué photos online

Hackers Have Home-Field Advantage

Many of you reading that warning may be thinking "No kidding." But, you'd be surprised how many seemingly self-aware, intelligent, should-know-better adults continue to participate in this risky behavior. 

Even if you believe you are posting photos in a private or password-protected location, keep this in mind: If it's on the Internet, it's vulnerable. Hackers have been at this for years and know exactly how to get into "protected sites" to gain access to your information. Plus, the people to whom you've given access to your spicy photos can also copy and post them elsewhere for the world to see and to your embarrassment.

This is particularly evident with the emergence of a recent hacker trend called "fusking." Fuskers hack their way into secure sites with the sole intention of finding nude and other compromising images. And doing unthinkable and unsavory things with them.

Keep in mind the young people in your life may lack the common sense or the perspective necessary to understand just how vulnerable images like these can be, nor what kind of an impact their publication could have on their lives. Frequent reminders and modeling appropriate online behavior are the best ways to prevent your children and others from a potentially life-changing bad move online.

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