Saturday, September 22, 2012

8-Point Data Security Plan for POS Security

Basic Security Steps for Smaller Merchants

To help retailers address some of those common network vulnerabilities, PCATS, the Coalition of Associations for Retail Data Security and the National Restaurant Association are assisting smaller merchants with basic security steps - steps that address risk mitigation rather than security standard compliance, 

They have developed a list of eight points for POS security. The 8-Point Data Security Plan, as the NRA refers to it, aims to simplify POS security. 

Liz Garner, director of commerce and entrepreneurship at the NRA, says the association is working with organizations like CARDS and PCATS to help restaurants look beyond Payment Card Industry Security standards. "We're trying to educate restaurateurs about security," Garner says. "They just need a simple guide that provides the very basics. PCI is too complex."

Download from here.

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