Monday, July 2, 2012

Don't Get Burned by Twitter Updated-Privacy Policy

Twitter Carries a Torch for Privacy

In mid-May, Twitter published an updated privacy policy, which every Twitter user should read - and other social media sites would be smart to emulate. The policy includes a clearer explanation of the situations in which Twitter will share user information with others.

Most notably, the policy provides better clarifications about how your personal information is used than most other social media sites. The updates include a new section on how Twitter tailors content. It makes clear that Twitter can use users' contact information to help third-party services, client applications and others find Twitter accounts.

While that particular practice is not new, it is much more clearly stated today. The policy also indicates how users can opt-out of several data-sharing practices, which is incredibly important to privacy-minded individuals.

You may find Twitter very helpful to use for sharing information, learning of breaking news and doing research. It's a good option; just make sure you set your privacy settings appropriately.

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