Friday, May 11, 2012

Whitepaper: HMI/SCADA System Security Gaps

Understanding and Minimizing Your HMI/SCADA System Security Gaps

Being at the heart of an operation’s data visualization, control and reporting for operational improvements, HMI/SCADA systems have received a great deal of attention, especially due to various cyber threats and other media-fueled vulnerabilities.

The focus on HMI/SCADA security has grown exponentially in the last decade, and as a result, users of HMI/SCADA systems across the globe are increasingly taking steps to protect this key element of their operations. The HMI/SCADA market has been evolving over the last 20 years with functionality, scalability and interoperability at the forefront.

For example, HMI/SCADA software has evolved from being a programming package that enables quick development of an application to visualize data within a programmable logic controller (PLC) to being a development suite of products that delivers powerful 3-D visualizations, intelligent control capabilities, data recording functions, and networkability. With HMI/SCADA systems advancing technologically and implementations becoming increasingly complex, some industry standards have emerged with the goal of improving security. However, part of the challenge is knowing where to start in securing the entire system.

The purpose of this paper is to explain where vulnerabilities within a HMI/SCADA system may lie, describe how the inherent security of system designs minimize some risks, outline some proactive steps businesses can take, and highlight several software capabilities that companies can leverage to further enhance their security.

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