Thursday, May 31, 2012

Official Australian e-health info page defaced

Australian website hacked!

An apparent trio of ‘hackers’ operating under the LatinHackTeam banner has claimed the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing eHealth education site as its 13,789th ‘defacement‘ victim.

The group’s latest record on Zone-H, a site that archives website vandalisations, is the department’s eHealth education site,

The site is a learning portal aimed at preparing consumers and healthcare professionals for the July 2012 launch of eHealth records in Australia. “infEkt”, “Adminp4nic” and “eCore” apparently do their homework, claiming to have targeted the site because they were “Against government corruption !!” “We are LatinHackTeam. We are three. We dont (sic) make DDOS. We do research. Respect us! Land of liberty, home of the brave..”

Most of the trio’s recent targets appear to be the websites of government organisations, but they occasionally stray to target organisations like the Spanish Red Cross in Granada, regional websites of Amnesty International, and the Creative Commons (Peru). The most recent Australian target before the eHealth site was the Australian website of global automotive stereo company, Alpine. In that defacement, which occurred on May 6, the group said it was “Against Monopoly Companies”.

The snapshot of the Department of Health and Ageing’s eHealth education site defacement appears to have been taken on May 17.

Source CSO Australia

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