Friday, April 13, 2012

Satellite Communications for SCADA equipment monitoring

Benefits of satellite communications

Benefits of introducing a satellite communication link into SCADA systems include: 

  • Ubiquitous service territory closes gaps in terrestrial coverage
  • Fast cost-effective deployment with low hardware and installation costs
  • More reliable than congested cellular data networks
  • Benefits of remote monitoring

Benefits of monitoring and controlling oil & gas and utilities equipment remotely include: 

  • Higher operational efficiencies
  • Reduced site visits Improved safety
  • Increased scalability

About this white paper: 

"Satellite Communications for SCADA Equipment" outlines the benefits of remote monitoring and shows how satellite communications equipment fits into the SCADA monitoring system. It also discusses how to connect to an RTU using satellite messaging terminals and explores cost structure for mass deployment.

Timely information about asset health and behavior, along with software applications that organize data and implement work flows, allows oil and gas companies to save time and streamline processes that previously required arduous paperwork and manually tracked decision-making.

Refer here to download the whitepaper.

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