Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Burglars watching online moves

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Being checked-in on Facebook has become the digital equivalent of an overflowing letterbox that tells burglars you're away on holidays.

ADT Security's Secure Homes report has found 86 percent of Australians are concerned their social media location data could be used for malicious purposes, including telling the world when no one is home.

Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare allow users to have their location posted online. The survey of 2000 home-owners also found while 48 percent of GEN-Y regarded identity theft as a concern, they were not as worried about it as Baby Boomers.

Savvy criminals are getting access to up to the minute details through people's status updates and posts, allowing them to learn when the home is likely to be vacant. It's important to think twice before updating your Facebook status or tweeting or checking into Foursquare.

Setting your profiles to private, turning off location finders, or a bit of self-cencorship when it comes to announcing an extended holiday, can help prevent falling victim to burglary.

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