Friday, January 20, 2012

Stuxnet Analysis Report by Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI)

A must-read report which will answer many of yours questions regarding STUXNET!!

The Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Omaha, NE and in Washington DC with a mission "to provide Cyber Warfare awareness, guidance, and security solutions through collaboration, education, volunteer work, and training to assist the US Government, US Military, Commercial Interests, and International Partners."

CSFI was born out of the collaboration of dozens of experts, and today CSFI is comprised of a large community of nearly 5000 Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare professionals from the government, military, private sector, and academia. Our amazing members are the core of all of our activities, and it is for them that we are pushing forward our mission.

So, after quite some time of working behind the scenes, and making an effort to focus on essence rather than buzz, the CSFI have published their official report on Stuxnet.

Scope of Research
  1. Find the source code of the attack

  2. Reverse engineer the code

  3. Create a countermeasure and recommendation from these type of attacks

  4. Understand the political motivations behind this attack

  5. Explain how such a piece of malware can be used in cyber warfare scenario

  6. Can Iran retaliate using the same form of cyber attack?

Feel free to download the report form here: CSFI_Stuxnet_Report_V1

As well as watch the demonstration video on the CSFI website:

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