Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cars can be hacked?

McAfee warns of hacker threat to autos

Cars made smarter with Internet technology are zooming into perilous hacker territory, according to a report released late Tuesday by US computer security giant McAfee.

The first-of-its-kind report, entitled "Caution: Malware Ahead," warned that security is lagging as vehicles are enhanced with embedded chips and sensors for a growing array of purposes.

"As more and more functions get embedded in the digital technology of automobiles, the threat of attack and malicious manipulation increases," said McAfee senior vice president and general manager Stuart McClure.

"It's one thing to have your email or laptop compromised, but having your car hacked could translate to dire risks to your personal safety," he added.

Chips are embedded in almost all parts of cars from airbags, brakes, and power seats to cruise controls, anti-theft gadgets, and communications systems, according to McClure.

Researchers have demonstrated that computers controlling functions in automobiles can be hacked if attackers get into vehicles and, in some cases, from afar.

The actual report can be accessed here: http://mcaf.ee/ldgs2

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