Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Singapore Airport enhances airfield security with fibre-optic sensors

No system is fool-proof and perfect

Changi Airport will be the world's first airport to reinforce its perimeter fences with fibre-optic sensors to detect intruders.

More cameras will also be installed at airport boundaries, which will be integrated with the new multi-million-dollar defence system called AgilFence, made by Singapore Technologies (ST) Electronics.

Said Changi Airport Group's executive vice-president (airport management) Foo Sek Min: "No system is fool-proof and perfect."

"And as we review our existing perimeter protection, the introduction of this perimeter intrusion detection system will help us to have a better and faster response if there are any signs of intrusion."

The pressure-sensitive sensors are protected by an armoured casing to prevent tampering and for easy maintenance.

ST Electronics said the system is expected to last a decade, adding that it is immune to electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences, making it effective for deployment in an airfield.

The system is expected to be fully operational by end-2012.

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