Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pen Test Magazine - Publication from Hakin9 team

New Penetration Testing Magazine Released

A new magazine dedicated to Professional Penetration Testers has been released. The magazine subscription is to ensure that you do not get 80 pages of publicity and a few pages of content. The magazine will focus on thorough coverage of different aspects of Security Testing and Penetration Testing. You can get a teaser for free.

PenTest Magazine, the only magazine devoted to penetration testing, is launched. It features articles by penetration testing specialists and enthusiasts, experts in vulnerability assessment and management. We cover all aspects of pen testing, from theory to practice, from methodologies and standards to tools and real-life solutions.

You can download the “Edition #zero” which is the teaser issue from pentestmag.com for free.

Regular issues will be available by monthly subscription – subscribe now and download the next issue in May!

Visit pentestmag.com.

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